What to do when your business does not progress as you want?

Do you feel that your business is stagnant, dispersed and not giving the results that you expect and do not know what to do? It is common and normal that a business faces ups and downs. If you find yourself in a situation like this, that is, if you feel that your business does not progress and you want to have better results but you don’t know how, here are three alternatives to be considered before you sell your business to a company depending on which stage of the business you have.

business not progress

Apply a model/proven system
If you are starting or take relatively little time, and your problem is that you don’t have enough customers or revenue and you would like to make at least your living, something that works well is to learn from someone who already has achieved. Someone who has a business just like as you want and you will go well. A mentor who can teach you step by step what to do so that you will also have those results.

It is the fastest way to begin to get results and stop wasting time and motivation doing random things. Of course, keep in mind three basic things to make this work and feel satisfied:

– Do not try copying the model of another person, behind which you see there is a lot of strategy and simply copy not give you results.

– You have to act, not good if you make excuses and do not do what they told. If you hired someone is to make the case, otherwise, do not bother. This sounds silly, but not everyone is able to just do what needs to be done.

– It is essential that you choose the mentor is someone who you trust and that you like the business model that he has and that he teaches. It makes no sense to learn something that you don’t want to practice because you actually want something else.

Improving what you already have with good marketing strategies
It is clear that marketing is fundamental in any stage of your business, but there are times when you focus on marketing (and, if necessary, hire a marketing consultant) can give particularly good results, and moments that will help you more choice.

However, if you have an established business and you are happy with your model but you’ve reached a plateau and do not know how to grow, get more out and have more income without end up exhausted, then improve things how strategies for launching programs, advertising social networks, texts that sold, conversion of your website, increase the list and the percentage of opening, to name a few examples, might be what you need to make that leap without touching the key, the foundations.

Restructure your model by creating something more personalized
There are times when things are going well but do not know how to scale your business, how to grow and see that jump would be much complicate things and have an excessive work load or change to a business model that does not satisfies both. What is the alternative then?

In this case you can think short term and improve your marketing to see good results, but it is also essential to think longer term so that your business model does not end up burning you. So it would be time to restructure your business, back to the foundation and evaluate your goals and needs, eliminate what does not work or does not provide you therefore enhance what you love and what you stand out especially and create a new model to measure, simpler and not based on someone else’s system, however well functioning.