Hidden costs in your company

Arriving at the end of the year are rethinks the annual budgets of the companies. It analyzes the situation and seeks to reduce certain costs of operations with significant budgets cuts in some areas. Here we mention the so-called “hidden costs” that are unnecessary expenditure incurred by the companies that often do not realize:

hidden costs

Obsolescence cost: Today the products are very similar, the differences are minimal and if we do not pay attention to innovation or reinvention of the picture can get our products are no longer sold. Let’s start with the redesign of the image, an improvement of qualities to make the product attractive to the consumer. If we stay and do not change, we can lose even more.

Logistics cost: Deliveries outside times create problems not only in sales, but it also mean additional consumption of gasoline or other factors. Logistics plan consolidates orders by area, measured time.

Restocking cost: If you are going to upgrade your equipment, don’t pick those with basic features that will become obsolete in the next instant, acquires the best next-generation will serve you well during more time, without having to invest again in the short term.

Communication costs: Evaluate what your team members need mobile communication (laptop, smartphone, internet) and give these facilities. Not all of these technologies need to perform their jobs. Check if it is suitable cost-benefit.

Cost of poor service: A bad service will create a bad image and consequently fewer sales. Create and implement a good plan of care, and after-sales satisfaction for the customer, so there will be no problems in the process.

Cost for lack of production planning: Plan your production well, and do it as agreed. Having an excess of stock and sales will not endorse this terrible for your business. Look at the real needs of your customers, your business.

Cost of electricity: Misuse of electrical connections may make your energy consumption is fully raised. Check the electrical system, educates your team to care for the environment and turn off equipment and lights that do not need to use at certain times.

Cost of staff turnover: Search and train new employees require much time and labor. Protect your employees through an incentive program, not only monetary, but also race, responsibilities, etc…

Cost of stationery: Beware corporate stationery consumption. This represents one of the major expenses of a company. Purchase only what is needed and controls the stock.

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