Where to cut costs when debts hang?

Reduce the outputs on weekends, leave the car at home, do not uses credit cards … All of these options and others have, but how to do it?

cut costs

In the business sector known someone as a successful manager when instead of dismissing employees draw a cost reduction policy and manages the company stays and get out of the crisis.

The same applies to managing a home, parents not can be removed from the home any of the children to reduce costs if not that urgent action must be taken and quick to stabilize the family economy.

The economist Antonio Avendano, explains that as a first step before or during family economic crisis there are three primary sources to reduce costs: utilities, transportation and food.

Other sources of cost reduction are credit cards: If a home goes into excessive debt, leave them without thinking twice.

In the public services
To ensure that invoices arrive cheaper enough to make efficient decisions: not to wash the car, windows, floors, walls, and water in the plants with a hose. Take a bowl and a cloth to clean whenever clean toilet.

In energy must be incurred in the first instance in a present expenditure, but in the future savings because it must change the bulbs throughout the house with energy-saving light that decrease energy consumption by 80%.

In terms of telephony and gas must be put to the test the will: to speak less in the fixed one or mobile and be attentive to the cooking of food for not letting them most of the time then required.

In the meal
It is not possible to stop eating, so it is necessary to buy the same but at minor price. If you tend to make the fruit market or vegetable in chain stores, move to a neighborhood or a plaza.

The white or proper marks at present are a big source of income for the supermarkets what indicates that they have received by price and quality, since the products are prepared by recognized companies. Do not dismiss your shopping of this type of market; the savings that can be achieved only know the householders.

As all have to sacrifice, do not hesitate to dispense in the market for some food or products, but you know what they are and with the cost to your pocket.

In the transport
The car can stay in the House at least during the week and until the economic crisis. It is recommended to balance the cost of fuel, parking and maintenance to be convinced that sometimes it is cheaper to ride public transportation.

In financial services
Although it is difficult to leave credit cards, it is true that it helps out in other debt and/or needs but also opens other sources of obligations, and with an additional element: the interests.

In recreation
To be a good manager or administrator must be recursive especially for children not affected by the economic crisis of the home; it is recommended that parents seek places of entertainment where the cost is zero or minimal activities in parks, cycle routes or libraries.

Search schedules of “happy hour” in restaurants and ice cream helps keep having similar habits of recreation.