7 essential qualities of good leader

Have a role of leadership within a company is something motivating but in turn demanding. A good leader can never stop learning, they have to train their skills and it should always be aware of the latest developments in techniques and tools to help them successfully advance in their work.

qualities of a good leader

But … Is a good leader born or made? The truth is that there are many qualities that may require for a leader, but luckily all can be reached by train and improve practice. In this article we will go over 7 essential qualities for the management of effective work teams. If you collect all, congratulations, you will depart with advantage when leading a team, but remember, you can always keep improving.

What are the qualities of a good leader?

Passion and inspiration
The leader must be an enthusiastic person with work, you must show passion and dedication at all times and must be able to inspire the rest of the team that same passion.

Regardless of what the main tasks of a leader, the team has to do as a member of it, someone struggling together to achieve the common goals of the company. That’s why a good leader has no problem when it comes to “roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty”.

Ability to delegate
No matter how much work creates by a manager that can do for him. One of the main skills of a manager should be the ability to delegate tasks. When an employee happens to have a manager role it is common encounter delegation problems; since till now he was used to realizing all the work that was assigned to him, no experience transferring tasks.

A good leader must know how to delegate. It must be clear how far the process of transferring a task arrives and when to take a step backward to not meddle.

Of course delegate a task does not mean forget all about it. Through reports it is possible to keep on having a vision what the situation of a task is and if something goes wrong have the ability to intervene to help.

Delegating is also a good way to convey confidence to the team.

A leadership position carries greater responsibilities and these responsibilities are themselves synonymous time of increased risk. A leader has to make decisions that can determine the success or failure of a project and that is why we must have the courage to take risks without blocking and move forward with a decision.

In addition, a great leader must also have the courage to take their mistakes and not shirk. Give the face by a bad decision and accept its consequences are what differentiate a leader of a great leader.

Communication skills
Nothing would serve the rest of skills a leader if this does not have good communication skills. The leader must be able to convey clear, to inspire confidence, motivation spread…. and all you get with good communication skills.

But good communication skills not just mean having a good speech or know how to give good speeches. More important is the ability to listen to team members to better understand and provide the help they need at all times.

A leader with good communication skills will be able to anticipate problems, not only with members of his team, but also with customers, partners and competitors.

Another essential quality of a leader is commitment. Commitment to the company, its employees and its customers. This commitment means being present for better and for worse, a commitment that involves seeking continuous improvement of all processes for the good of the company and the customer.

A committed leader spread this commitment to other members of his team, leading to improved productivity and motivation.

Vision, intuition and creativity
The most successful leaders have a clear vision of where they want to target and what goals they have to meet to get are. The vision is what separates on many occasions to the leaders of the managers; a manager who is dedicated only to coordinate their team without providing vision will not be a leader.

In addition, the vision is closely related to intuition and creativity. These qualities complement each other to realize the vision of a good leader. While intuition helps unlock some blocking situations, creativity is an essential tool to find solutions to the problems.

These three qualities are those that allow you the leader to move forward on their way and not stop at nothing.

Great leaders must have an extraordinary capacity for planning and coordination. They are good strategists who know how to use the resources at their disposal to achieve their goals with the least possible waste.

They have the ability to make everyone work in an organized and focused on those aspects of the essential business manner. That is why they always have a very clear overview of the project and know at all times who are working each of the members of their team.