Everything you wanted to know about viral marketing

Viral marketing is a marketing technique relatively new, used by businesses of all sizes, including word of mouth, but refers mainly to social networking sites, to increase the brand image and sales.

viral marketing

Viral types

Transfer: Information or message passing from one person to another in the middle of a conversation.

Encouraged: This is the technique of referrals, contact the delivery person receives a reward from the company.

Undercover: Stealth marketing to spread the message to many people as soon as possible.

Gossip: Create controversy challenging the boundaries of taste or convenience. Discussion of the resulting controversy can be considered a generator of “noise” and word of mouth advertising.

Database users: Through invitations to their databases to participate in their community, users create a viral chain of contacts that spreads and grows naturally self inviting others to join as well.

How to make viral content?

  • The content has to be enough for the message to be transferred to another person easily.
  • The content should be available without cost.
  • The writing should be convincing enough to generate the required response.

6 Principles of Viral Marketing

  • Delivery valuable products or services to attract attention, such as free email services or software programs.
  • Must be able to be transferred to others effortlessly via email, websites, graphics, download software, etc.
  • It allows for easy scalability.
  • Exploits common motivations and take advantage of them, the desire for greed, the feeling of hunger and how to relieve it.
  • Uses existing communication networks. Mainly through online social networks.
  • Take advantage of other resources to spread the word.

How does it work?

In three phases:

Release momentum: Shows the initial wave that has a launch campaign.

Plateau: It represents the community conversation about the campaign on blogs, community forums, social networks, etc.

Long Tail: it is the legacy of a viral campaign and it is created by the giant number of references created by the same campaign.