Business gifts: What are the benefits for communication?

To build customer loyalty, it is essential to establish a privileged relationship of trust with the customer. Companies do not deceive themselves and many people do not hesitate to implement different strategies to retain their client. One of them is the business gift. Having more and more used – especially in medium and large companies – it aims to thank a particularly loyal customer.

business gift

What is a business gift?
A business gift is an object, of any nature (legal of course), which seeks to gratify a customer or a partner (supplier, distributor …) particularly faithful. It can have a more or less important value: one can go from the pen to the effigy of its brand to the organized tour. It is often sent out at strategic times of the year. Christmas is among other things a special time to give a client a business gift, but you can choose more symbolic, expensive dates to the person that you want to thank. For example, sending a gift on the anniversary of a co-worker may have a greater impact than a “mundane” date.

Why and for whom?
A business gift, this is reflected and above all, is done sparingly. The goal is not to thank any customer who calls on the services of a company.

Initially, it is necessary to select the people who will benefit from it. We are talking here about loyal customers, whose returns are known to be positive. Beyond the present, need to target what the individual will need the most. If offering a business gift is a gesture of generosity, one must remain consistent with the spirit of the house.

A pen in the image of the brand is a clear communication strategy, but is it useful if the recipient prefers to use his own material? In order not to be counterproductive, it is necessary to identify the most relevant present, according to the personality of the recipient.

Be careful not to overdo it: the business gift and promotional items are an opportunity to thank a customer for his loyalty, not to push him to consume more. If done right, the return on investment will be felt in one way or another.

What are the benefits for the company?
To opt for the business gift, it’s a marketing tool and effective marketing, in order to retain a customer. An inexpensive investment when one knows that it is more difficult (and more expensive) to conquer a new one than to keep it.

In addition to publicity for its establishment (if distribution of an accessory to its effigy), the present makes it possible to convey a corporate image of the company. Indeed, if the gift is of quality, and more in relation to the interests of the beneficiary, the communication strategy will prove more than paying.

To differentiate itself from its competitors, the business gift is a strategy of communication and loyalty that has proved its worth and that we must not neglect.