3 Recommendations to determine whether hold or change in your business

Are you one of those who think that only come to feel satisfied and fulfilled when you find something you love? When things go and efforts are exhausted? You might think that, as with the issue of finding your vocation, until you find that something you’re passionate about, you will well and easy, you cannot feel satisfied.

hold or change business

There is a problem with that kind of expectation: it is unrealistic and will do to follow up feeling unsatisfied and inconsistent, changing target every bit because you think you have not found the perfect alternative that meets these requirements. If this is your case, it is important that you consider these three things:

Find or rather, build the career of your dreams not always going to be an easy ride, not always going to make you feel good

There will be times when you’ll think you’re wrong. There will be times when you will hesitate; you’re tired or overwhelmed, especially if you do things that involve leaving your comfort zone.

You’ll be nervous, be afraid, but that does not mean you have chosen wrong or you have to start again from scratch. Do not let them fool you mind with thoughts like “if you really want it you would not be having a bad time”.

Admittedly not have to do anything you do not like and it involves constant suffering, but that does not mean do not have to work hard. It’s like running a marathon without any effort, its impossible!

It is clear that you are going to have to work and that to sweat, and that there will be hard moments in which you will doubt if you can. But you know how good it will feel after and know that the more you further strive arrive (always within your limits).

Do not let the idea that everything has to be easy to boycott your career, because tiredness and effort often worthwhile.

Nor give up at the first opportunity, as an obstacle or concerns arise. Many questions are temporary, and only remain steady and persevering will achieve results.

You have to differentiate between positive effort and suffering

This is essential so you do not fall into the opposite extreme, strive end up suffering needlessly and without prospects for change.

What is the difference? If something costs you an effort but you enjoy doing and know that it will be worth you’re on track. It’s that simple because yes, there are things that cost you but you enjoy doing, or you want to do because you know that the effort is worthwhile.

However, sometimes there are things that have clearly not want to do and yet you lie or you force for reasons that only you know and that must be avoided. Because doing something you want to do, do not get excited or like, it won’t be worthwhile, it makes no sense. Learn to distinguish between effort and suffering, because it is not the same.

Do not obsess with the ultimate goal

Many people complain because they are not able to persevere if they do not get immediate results. Sound familiar?

The answer is simple, if you want to achieve your goal and not give up at the first change, it is essential that you enjoy the process, you enjoy all the way and not just to reach the goal. Because yes, it’s okay to be persistent and be able to strive at times and even hold certain things, but what does not make sense is holding spend your life with eyes only on the finish line. The odds that forsake will increase and even if you manage your goal; is really worth so much suffering?

Choose something that suppose to enjoy not only the end of the road but to explore, even if it is a road full of ups and downs in that you have to make efforts and endure rises. If you enjoy the way you know that was worth your decision.

These reflections are particularly important to you if you’re not sure whether you are holding right now or just a vain effort worthwhile; or if you are leaving the project half frequently.