4 questions before asking for credit

For many people a loan is synonymous with trouble. And many times, for reasons of force majeure, we feel compelled to apply for credit and who requests a “lifeline” in the sea and this is a source of fear and rejection.

asking for credit

However, we should change that concept and see a credit as an opportunity of growth for our company. And in case of need “lifeline”, to know on what conditions we asked. Whatever the reason, here describe 4 questions to ask yourself when borrowing money.

What do you need?
We must be clear about the reason why we ask for a credit. In addition, we should not ask more than what we need, because we can overdentures without any reason.

How much you need?
You know how much money you will need to solve that expense or need that you have. Remember that you must put it in terms appropriate to your needs, in order to pay without setbacks.

Who is going to give it to you?
We investigate the financial institutions that offer loans specific to what we need. For example, if we apply for a mortgage you might want more than a bank, but if you’re going to borrow money to buy goods, maybe it’s better to ask a savings. There will have to investigate and compare.

On what conditions is it going to give it to you?
Before signing the contract you make the payment, you should know all about the credit you order. Do not leave questions in the air or “assume something”, quite the opposite. You must know the interest rate, if you pay double fees for holidays (July and December), deadlines, pay fees, delivery fees and commissions, etc. Remember that you do not just ask, but they are fully understood.

You must consider these questions, in order to keep things clear and have the confidence to tackle a credit when needed. This may be the opportunity you expected both to expand your horizons in timely and appropriate conditions.