How to make a plan of action to develop and improve your business in the new year?

We are ideally placed to design and implement an action plan for the coming year period. It is natural, in almost all cultures; festivals represent a break point beyond the calendar year, separating the next previous year.

plan to develop

If you have not done yours, here we give you some guidelines to get you started now:

Step #1 – Assessment of your business as it is today
The first thing to do is to analyze an audit of what is happening today and diagnose what strategies are working today in your business? What is not working and why should stop doing? What things must change to grow your business? What should you upgrade to leverage your business?

Step #2 – Plan what you want to accomplish in 2015
Now must think about what you want to achieve goals that are challenging but realistic turn. Who or what are the main goals you want to achieve in the next 6-12 months of your business? Quantify them, make them tangible. Do not say “more customers”. Say how many customers want to have. This will be much easier to decide which strategies will be those that must use to reach your goal. It is not the same as your goal is to incorporate two new clients a month of high level (which invest thousands of dollars per month), or increasing by 10% the current base of customers who buy one of your courses $99 per month. The strategies are very different and therefore need to precisely define your target.

Step #3 – Design a plan for implementing those strategies
Depending on your goals, you need to build your action plan with strategies that take you where you want to go. Here’s what recommend is that take a blank page and write a target in the center. Then write around that target all forms you have to accomplish that goal.

Step #4 – Evaluate, measure, edit, learn, evolve …
What strategies are working? Under what conditions these strategies work? What should you stop doing? The point here is doing not expect to December 2015 to realize that something did not work. Put on control “milestones” (can be monthly, quarterly) and measures the performance (plan vs. actual). So you can correct the course before it’s too late.

Step #5 – Celebrate success
Have you already thought about what you links you are going or how to celebrate the end of next year if you meet what you’re suggesting today? Excellent motivation that will help you assess your effort much more and will serve “fuel” to focus on what you have to do every week of the new year. You can also plan small partial celebrations, motivating you to go on the road if you meet monthly or quarterly goals. No need to think in a mega party (or other if it’s your thing) but you can define small gifts that will make you as a day off, a special outing, etc. Activate your creativity; you just need to think about enjoying your achievements while getting going.