Tips to survive financially for Christmas

A few days after Christmas, which should be a day filled with joy and avidity because arrived good night, for many of us are rather days filled with stress and concerns for the costs that we are forced to make.

survive financially for Christmas

At this time started buying wildly, letting ourselves be carried away by the advertising of the companies that encourage us to buy everything that we can, and by the need to buy the best gifts.

It seems that we never finished learning the lesson of every Christmas that tells us that we must measure ourselves in our costs, and at the end we finished again spending all the money that we have and to which we do not have.

But for this Christmas is different and our economy is not so affected, see below some tips that will help us survive financially for Christmas:

Buy cash
Due to the anxiety that we usually have for buying everything what we prune and for doing the best gifts, it is in these dates where more that we must never avoid the request of personal loans or the use of credit cards for our Christmas shopping, and try where possible to pay cash.

Evaluate well credit alternatives
If you don’t have cash, you can always go into debt and when we are aware of our ability to pay, and we ensure we previously well evaluate and compare different credit alternatives that we have. If we go to make purchases large amounts it is preferable to opt for a personal loan rather than using credit cards because they usually offer lower interest rates.

Be careful with the use of credit cards
At this time we must also be very careful with the use of credit cards, as its ease of use can easily lose control, and the high interest rates they charge can easily end up indebted. In case of using it, we must try to pay them in the least possible number of quotas in such a way that we reduce the interests.

Develop a budget and adjust to it
For better control of our costs, it is advisable to plan these through a personal budget where we point out different expenses that we will perform, ensuring that the total sum of these is consistent with our financial situation. Once developed our budget, we must adjust to it and avoid buying anything that we have not budgeted.

Do not give to everyone
We should not feel obliged to give gifts to everyone who we know. The common is to give gifts in the first place to the children, then to the next family, and then to close friends. When gifts to people little close to us, we must bear in mind that also affects our economy.

Avoid buying too many expensive gifts
Unless it is someone special, we must avoid buying costly gifts as it affects our finances, we could embarrass the other person. The idea of the gift is letting you know the other person that we have agreed with it, and we have taken the trouble to buy something, not to enter a competition to see who buy the best gifts.

Do not give according to what they give us
Also, if someone gives us something big does not mean we have to give something equally expensive. If they bought a gift was surely because, for some reason, we considered worthy of it, but this does not mean that they are expecting the same from us.

Save between all
Finally, to avoid affecting not only our economy but also to our family or friends, we could use some method when buying gifts. For example, we could agree that each member of our family or our group of friends buy one gift, and then conduct a lottery to determine what gift corresponds to each one.