Times of crisis
Many people associate the word crisis with financial losses, poverty, hardship, a time in which it is impossible to grow, but for many the crisis is the time in which the opportunities flourish.

invest in crisis

Although there are moments of deep financial crisis, we have to take into account that business growth requires that we take risks, bet for our market and aim to success. Of course, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, wanting not only going to make to stay afloat, much less win and grow in an environment of financial crisis.

For this we have to consider two scenarios: The first is how to protect our money, where to invest, and the second is how to grow.

Shelter assets
The best way to protect our money off the crisis, especially in countries where the currency loses value daily, are the so-called safe assets, where investors keep their assets and protect them against falling markets.

Several types of shelter assets exist among them several strong foreign currencies and metals. But only we mention those that fit our reality.

Having gold is a way of preserving our wealth because its value has remained and grown considerably in recent years. Of course, that requires a large investment.

US Treasury Bonds
It is still considered a risk-free asset.

German Treasury Bonds
Like the previous one, it is considered a risk-free asset.

US dollar
Despite the crisis of the US economy, it is a way for our money retains its value over time.

In the second of the considerations that we talked about where to invest our money, lets look at some ideas.

The crisis generally leads to pessimism and the exodus of many companies or individuals who dare to invest this much more than being a negative picture can be seen as the perfect opportunity to intervene in those sectors that have been abandoned and now free to changes and innovations.

Where to invest?

Produce instead of importing
It’s even cheaper to generate our own raw materials, food and consumer products, to bring them out. This is a fertile industry.

Invest in new products or innovating in existing markets is a safe bet in times of not only economic but social stagnation.

Communication and social networks
One of the fastest growing markets and has come to revolutionize the way as we understand the distribution of information.

Search the consumer location
The consumer industry, especially in food, usually a safe bet, but we must distribute ourselves and look for these spaces that have been abandoned.