4 platforms to work better

E-mail is the number 1 worldwide networking platform for several years. Simple and concrete way allows us to share content among peers. Whether family, friends, clients, companies or colleagues, everyone has an email account and use them daily. However, there are other alternatives to share content among employees of a company, or between colleagues in a project. Here we share 4 platforms to work better, either in a company in a venture or between colleagues in a project:

platforms to work better

It is a tool to communicate between teams. Their slogan speaks of “living less busy” since the platform will do everything for us. In order to make our simple and productive working lives, Slack can build teams that will be able to communicate through channels. There besides exchanging ideas, members can share content and organize meetings. The purpose is to create a common space among colleagues to carry out a more enjoyable work.

Web: https://slack.com/

If you need a tool to share files safely without the need to attach files in an email, Box is the best tool. Through its platform allows users to access documents from anywhere, always committed to safety. It can also be combined with email because it allows us to protect those confidential files.

web: https://www.box.com/

Although many people do not consider it, Twitter direct messages (DM) can be a way of effective and highly fast contact. Thanks to its new configuration, you can send longer messages because it is not limited to 140 characters. Of course, you must follow the person that you want to send the DM, thereby providing greater security when sharing content with colleagues.

web: https://twitter.com/

It regards as a platform for successfully maintaining relations with customers, as it allows businesses and customers to connect easily, without meeting. Through the platform can handle sales, share files, deliver services, interact dynamically, perform digital marketing, share lists of products and prices as well as provide reports and future forecasts.

web: https://www.salesforce.com/