All about payment vouchers

Payment vouchers are documents that are required to have the people or companies that carry out transfers of products or provide services.

payment vouchers

The payment vouchers show the existence:

  • A transfer operation (either selling a product).
  • A delivery in use (renting a house, machine, etc.).
  • The provision of a service (professional or technical).

All of the operations mentioned demonstrate income for the owner or director of service and expense or discharge to the purchaser or user.

If a transfer of a good or service is performed free of charge, will be written on the proof of payment: “Transfer or service provided free of charge”, and indicating the total amount that would have been for that operation.

Why do its serve:

  • To sustain revenues, expenses or rights in the accounts of the employer or taxpayer.
  • To support the payment of the general sales tax, income tax and use tax credit.

Types of Payment Voucher

It is the proof of payment that is emitted in the transactions between companies or people, who need credit cost or expense for tax effect, sustain the payment of the sales tax by the operation to be performed and to be able to exercise, in this way, the right to the tax credit. For example, when a company buys paper and toner for printers should be required to grant a bill.

Sale bill
It is a payment vouchers that is issued in transactions with consumers or end users. Not allowed to exercise the right to the tax credit, or support costs or expenses for tax purposes.

Example: If you buy groceries for the week at a grocery store, should be required to grant a bill of sale. The same if you go to a hairdresser or beauty salon, or going to eat at a restaurant or buy a book.

When the amount of effected sale or the service exceed seven hundred soles for operation will be required on the sale bill of the purchaser or user identification data: surnames and names, and the number of identity document.

Receipt for fees
It is payment vouchers that emit the persons natural who are engaged on an individual basis to the exercise of any profession, art, science or officer. For example: doctors, lawyers, plumbers, artists, masons and others.

Its can be used to support expenditure or cost for tax purposes and to support deductible credit.

Purchase payment
This payment voucher is issued by all those making purchases to producing natural and/or brokers of primary products derived from farming, artisanal fishing, logging, wildlife products, artisanal gold mining, handicrafts and metal waste and scrap and non-metallic waste, paper waste and scrap of rubber which do not have RUC number. Such is the case of individuals or companies that purchase from small miners, artisans and farmers who, finding themselves in very remote locations to urban centers, are unable to get Tax ID number and thus enable them to give their pay stubs.

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