Tips for choosing a good adviser

Mount our own business or, simply, the fact of giving us high as self-employed to be able to bill for our services throughout an associated process involves going beyond the purely business or profession, but that should be treated with special care and planning: tax, accounting and labor management.

choosing good adviser

As a self-employed or SME, you must decide how you will resolve this management. In this article we have several questions you should ask yourself to come up with the best solution:

  • Online adviser or personal adviser?
  • What advisory services need to hire?
  • Keys and tips for choosing your adviser

Online adviser or personal adviser?
One of the first decisions to make is whether we need a personal adviser or opt for an online service.

On the one hand, the online counseling services allow us access to rates usually more economical, plus save time in the physical displacement. However, this service may suffer from some shortcomings resulting from less customization or greater difficulty in maintaining fluid communication that allow with personal adviser. In addition, part of the document management usually run from our account; it assumed a greater involvement by the customer in procedures and processes.

While increasingly services are more heterogeneous and allow a greater number of possibilities, online assessments usually have a series of standard “packages” in which, on the other hand, we can benefit from great discounts.

The personal counseling, in turn, allows us to personally meet the professional responsible for managing our business taxation, with a friendly and personalized service. However, the rates are usually significantly higher and also requires more effort when physically move to clarify issues or provide documentation.

The personal counseling, in turn, allows us to access a service more suited to our business and expand or shrink depending on our needs.

What services need to hire?
Other key points when choosing our consultant are the specialties of its service portfolio. First, we must balance our needs. It is not the same being a freelance professional that emits two or three invoices per month to the same companies, which assemble a bar and hire two waiters.

Thus we find that counseling can offer:

Tax services:
They often include both high and low tax liabilities of individuals and companies, and the lists of professional activities.

Also in charge of managing and planning the tax liability arising from the activity according to the selected scheme: Objective Estimation or Direct Estimate.

Many services include the preparation and filing taxes, applying for deferments or assistance to a tax audit.

Business services
Labor services include the management of procedures of highs and lows in Social Security, payroll and tax returns and payments to Social Security. It also includes the calculation of deductions to practice to the workers, the conventions and recommendations on issues related to the prevention of occupational hazards.

Accounting Services
Accounting services typically include, generally, preparing the book of income and expense in the case of self-employed in direct estimate of the VAT books and in the case of companies, accounting officers, preparation of balance sheets, preparation of annual accounts or the planning and implementation of the accounting of the company or business.

Legal Services
Legal services are highly recommended whether you have a company (for the constitution of it, the preparation of the statutes or contracts between the partners), as if you’ve chosen to be a freelancer, offering assistance with tax claims and administrative or any other matter concerning your business.

Keys to choose your advisor:
It is advisable to keep in mind a few tips when choosing advisor, as this will be the person responsible for managing important aspects of our business and we trust that information and delicate negotiations.

  • Establish your needs and priorities: Remember that the less time you have to devote to the tax or accounting management of your business, can devote more resources to other aspects of your business, how to find new customers or sell more.
  • Search and compare between different offers and try to select those that best the needs of your business suit.
  • Looking for a consultant who will explain things, that brings you added value, advice or guidance to help you improve your business. And to do it on a regular basis, on its own initiative, not only when you are applying it.
  • You can do a little investigation about the trajectory of companies or customers with whom they have worked.
  • Initiates a first contact where you can clear your doubts about the services they offer, what are the deadlines for delivery of documentation, the level of availability for questions or the final price of the consulting services.

Finally, as important point to take into account before hiring permanently to your advisor, you can assess the degree of affinity between you and your adviser. It is recommended that communication is smooth because, in this way, can easily understand complex aspects of managing your business and ask any question with confidence.