How to know how much you should charge for your work

Will I be charging too much? It is a question that every enterprising woman who is mentor, coach or consultant of others, is done by placing a price on their services. At the bottom of this question lies the fear of not being able to deliver what is expected.

charge for your work

You know that you have that fear when you refuse to take actions that force you to evaluate the value you deliver and that can increase your business, such as speaking in public, setting up your own platinum group or talking to a new market that you have never contacted and that could benefit what you do.

Other symptoms that show your doubts about the value you deliver are:

  • Charge very little.
  • Deliver too much.
  • Endure and not “scratch the pitch” to problematic clients.
  • Do not set clear boundaries with your work team.
  • Deliver additional services to those agreed with your client initially.
  • Give excessive discounts and run the deadlines of the discounts that you offer temporarily.
  • And the list goes on and on.

How can you change this situation once and for all so that you stop chewing your income, consume your time and even sabotage your business?

1. Connect with your intrinsic value

One of the things that will help you to value what you deliver is to know with certainty that you are in your business for a divine purpose.

You might be comparing yourself to others and, externally, you seem to be “one more of a heap” that is struggling for his place on the web. Or that you come from a family situation that left you with a poor image of yourself.

The truth is that you can decide if you will perceive your value in this way or not, because it is not how God sees you. When He created you, He had a plan for you and gave you the necessary talents to walk in it. That plan never changes, regardless of your past or current circumstances.

God sees you as a unique and precious creation, which is perfectly capable of achieving wonderful things. Come to Him and rest in how much He values ​​you.

Once you decide not to let your internal conflicts will prevent you from evaluating what you really worth are, you’ll be ready for the next step:

2. Write down the benefits that your clients receive

Focus on your services from another angle: evaluate them according to the benefits you deliver.

Make a long list of at least 30 benefits that your clients have achieved or can achieve with what you teach them.

You will see that as you make this list, your perception of your work will change quickly and you will no longer have any regrets about putting a decent price that really reflects the value of what you do.

3. Publish the benefits that your clients receive

But it is not enough that only you know! Use the list to communicate your value to your clients: when you talk to them on the phone or in public, when you offer your products, when you write your sales letters, etc.

You will see that you will start charging a price that makes you happy and that you will feel a new security that will attract the clients that really know to value what you deliver like coach, consultant or mentor!