This is the worst financial habit and many have it!

Giving a good treatment to our finances is a little more difficult when we do not have money, but we need to start changing certain behaviors to achieve financial stability.

worst financial habit

The beginning of the year is a date that surprises many with empty pockets due to the expenses incurred in Christmas and New Year. That is why it is known as ‘the January slope’. However, there are those who are dragging bad financial habits throughout the year and January does nothing more than accentuate what is already known: you have to change habits if you want to stop being broken.

Interestingly, one of the habits that most damages your finances is also one of the most common. People often listen to request a loan is not bad, that credit can be a good tool to relate to the financial world, etc., and all these statements are true. However, forget a golden rule: you should not ask for more than what you can afford.

That is, when thinking about requesting financing, the majority begins to think about things that must pay or solve, make a list and adds the amounts. Having said that requests the credit or in some cases the loan immediately, but when it comes to dealing with the monthly fees, they realize that the budget does not reach them.

So how to stop requesting more of that you can afford? Perhaps you have many outstanding expenses, but you need to prioritize and understand that not all of them will be covered by a loan, some majority-should leave their savings. Make a list and record which are the most urgent or important, what is at stake if not covered, how much longer can wait, etc.

If it is an emergency or some small expense that you can cover at the end of the month, it is acceptable to apply for a consumer credit, but it becomes a bad habit if it is something that repeats itself every month.