Capital and publicity for your business

In recent years, false marketing strategists have sold the idea that just a good business proposition and with little capital, our company will be along with the big corporations. And to point out how easy it is to reach that status, we show a series of examples to belittle the value of capital in business growth. Is it a common rule for all companies?

capital for business

Money is essential to our business. And it is clear that the capital not only help us to our constitution. The capital is even more important to properly develop marketing strategies that we want to implement. True worth, and although it is difficult to accept a mediocre idea to a million dollars of support is more likely to succeed than an excellent idea with zero capital.

The advertising is not free, that you should always remember. As much as there are false gurus to ensure that you yourself can advertise, the reality is that only reach to reach a small group of people. The experience of big businessmen teaches that during the first two years, its profitability was almost nil, because much of the proceeds went to the field of advertising. Introduce your business is as important as a good business idea.

Of course, it’s different for each type of investment product. If a consumer product is launches, advertising investment must exceed if we launch technical product, or industrial input. In the latter case, customers are specific, so the marketing is focused on the small number of companies wishing to be with our products. But, in the case of consumer products, the public are diversified, either by age, economic status, and level of education, tastes and preferences. So you have to get to the consumer for various advertising channels. The investment is higher, but it is inherent in our production work and marketing.

The people on the streets complains saying: “The rich get richer”. What they don’t realize is the because of its premise. Simple, the rich get richer because they have the resources to publicize their services or products to more people. Instead, you have very little money in you pocket, hardly have a surplus for advertising after the production phase.

Investing in advertising should not mean a waste of money. We must approach this investment wisely. To get our message to the minds of customers is an art of persuasion. Therefore, it is not a malicious message; on the contrary, always find a way to wangle a capital to advertise your product. You will see a big change in sales, its sure.

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