The process to generate value in Marketing

Undoubtedly companies that do not have the ability to meet future challenges, can not survive in a global marketing environment, with many technological changes, where new ways of doing business and where the only goal of companies is to generate more utilities.

But there is a point that is very important, as partners and owners of Economic Entities also require greater participation in the equity of companies, so the only way to be more effective year after year is to create value to maximize the wealth of shareholders.

It is unlikely that a competitive advantage is sustainable unless the company can develop a sequence of marketing strategies for value creation.

There is a process for creating value that serves to simplify the process of financial management of the company and that is:

We know first existing performance metrics and identify key value-adding activities to focus financial resources to such activities.

Corporate Tools
Analysis tools incorporated into the company the real complexity of the environment and it is part of the development where the value is created, but these tools can be: strategic planning, annual planning, overall company budget, investment plan and analysis of the capital structure.

This is where the areas of Finance, Operations and Marketing work together to determine a clear relationship between daily work and value creation. What to confront are the elements that provide financial securities against the elements that offer value at the operational level in order to be able to know what products are generating greater business value and prioritize our focus and efforts on financial efforts in such products.

This value creation system is very clear, as we promote the principles of compensation elements of the organization with high performance and how to achieve it is considering a compensation strategy, not reward poor performance, communicating from principle compensation system that is clear and communicate regularly. The basic idea is to encourage people who are creating value for the company.

Communication Value Management
Value creation must become corporate culture and therefore have to implement a system of communication where it translate the benefits of value creation will both bring to the company, employees and shareholders of financial institutions, as everyone should understand how their decisions create value and how is interaction in the creation of value.

When implementing a process of value generation surely get benefits such as improved decision-making, be recognized for management decisions, improve the allocation of resources, the strategic communication process will be better, improve performance measures, compensation will be simplified incentive and focus on creating sustainable value, improve understanding of how everyday actions impact the value and improve the communication between shareholders, general management, operations management, marketing management and financial management.