Why is it so complicated to achieve savings?

Part of the dreams of many workers vanish by bad habits acquired since childhood, those customs which it takes almost compulsive buying without realizing the true value of the objects that we take to house. Also, very frequently happens that those who earn less spend more than those with higher wages, why is this happening? And what we can take this whole situation of aversion toward saving?

achieve savings

Regrettably, it must be stressed, the media are a major obstacle to the achievement of a personal economic security. In fact, we come with an education from home and school, unlikely to save and close the immediate elitism. The media, for its part, offer images of popular persons and attractive, glorying in its money to more not power, leaving us poor viewers or readers, eager to enjoy the same pleasures that them. And in many cases what sells in the media is an illusion, and we do not know to distinguish.

People do not get better financial status to gain more in their work. Let that idea aside. A person can have better financial status than one who earns more, properly managing his money. What happens is that many times the winning little is said: “if I win some, why should I save?” Well, it’s time to say things such as: the winner has less need to save more. With the savings we have and good management of it can eventually focus on investment, either financial assets or a business that makes our income exceeds those who have a job position with better salary.

In the absence of the sense of savings and financial management, falls into a lagoon of debt and impulse purchases, which leads inevitably to be tied to a job, unsatisfactory, but we find it necessary to continue living. Survive is not the way we are meant to live. And we will live, is to manage its resources.

Now, tune our personal finances. Make a list of monthly income and expenses. Within the income we can register our salary, performance that generates a bank deposit or other assets that count. For expenses, should have much need for mobility, food, running costs of the house, investment in research if requested, or other expenses if family has made.

Manage resources does not mean it will move away from the pleasures that life offers. Within expenditures must also have money especially directed towards this sector. The most important thing is not to break this scheme expenses, and as far as possible to handle a surplus of money available for future investments. We see how those revenues that now seem slightly grow exponentially in the future.