7 Tips to avoid falling into consumerism

It is no secret that we live in a consumer society and sometimes we “need” to make purchases that do not need. At times, it can be very difficult to define if it is a real necessity or a need you’ve created yourself only for one reason or another.

falling into consumerism

Here are some tips to avoid unnecessary purchases and fall into consumerism:

  1. Define what level of life that you really need to live in a comfortable manner and based on your financial reality.
  2. In special situations such as discounts, go shopping with a list of what you really need. You can leave a margin to buy some “fad”, but remember that the discount is attractive to your brain and that is a mental trap.
  3. When you go to buy something that you do not need, wait 30 days since you see the product. If at the end of that time, still thinking that you need then buy it. You can shorten the time period to 15 if at the beginning 30 days seem too much to you.
  4. Optimize to maximize what you have. Do you dump or leave appliances in a drawer that work perfectly just because you do not like and want a new one that is more modern? You can extend the lifespan of many products by caring for them properly.
  5. Limited as far as possible the number of advertising impacts, TV ads, web page shops, offer pages and tries to subscribe to newsletters of the brands or stores. The more exposure you have, are more likely to be tempted to buy something.
  6. Appreciates and values what ​​you have. It is possible that you have more than enough of almost everything and you do not need any more.
  7. Do not compare yourself with others. If you do not stop looking at what others have, surely you will feel that you have very little.

In addition to these tips, what we really need is a change of inner attitude. Enjoy each of the experiences that the life presents to you, so you do not have to fill any gaps that feel with consumer products and this way avoid to keep on feeding a society that is ever more consumerist.