Tips for choosing business gifts

This is a great idea to have a good gesture with people or institutions close to our business. The question is what to give, why and for what purpose. Here we tell you some details.

choosing business gifts

7 Tips for Choosing Business Gifts
Companies each year exchange gifts and presents with other firms, major customers and even employees. There are many queries regarding this topic, when and what to give, to whom, for what reason, etc. So, here are some tips for choosing a business gift.

1. Complies with a policy of gifts: That is, to determine a pattern of action and to respect it. If possible, in writing so that other members of the company are aware and do not make a mistake. Basically, you have to explain whether the company agree or instead delivered gift, what kind of gifts it has to be, the appropriate times to offer them, how many times a year, the estimated budget, what is permitted, etc.

2. Give gifts to the right people: Decide who will be on the gift list. You cannot miss those clients or suppliers with whom you have a relationship a long time, for example. Also those who are always in charge of making present your company, those who meet their deadlines, those who buy by major, etc.

3. Know the reasons: This means that there is a reason for giving a gift, other than “because if”. Whether it is the anniversary of the founding of the company, year-end or an important event, it is a good idea to offer them. But not at any time, not to generate false expectations in the coming year and also so that those who receive the gift know what it is.

4. Choose the appropriate gifts: Make sure that it is the right gift in relation to the business or who receives it. Luxurious gifts cause discomfort and cause recipients the obligation to return it by spending perhaps more than they can afford. Among the most frequent items for the high positions are the tickets for an event, office accessories, and sporting goods. For middle managers, gift vouchers are a good idea, also watches, glassware, and pens. For members, creative ideas, such as a basket with nuts, chocolates, jam, etc.

5. Do not forget the card: For more than the gift is in the hand, it is always good to leave a reminder about the gift. You can then save that card and remember the gift. Thus, in addition you will be in the list of people to those who will give you something soon.

6. Get a good initial impression: Every gift you give must be well wrapped and presented. In many cases, the basket says much more than the gift itself. Use the person’s favorite color if you know him or something that relates to your company.

7. Offer the present at the right time: Punctuality is evidence of consideration and attention. Always use your best judgment and don’t spend the time. If two weeks ago was the anniversary of the company, it is worth nothing to give a gift now, unless it is a circumstance that deserves it.

Remember that choosing a business gift is the perfect way to show appreciation and cordiality for your customers, suppliers, partners, etc.