The decision to invest in metals and collectibles

Rated for decades, investing in precious metals can be a good option depending on the inflationary movement which has the country. Basically, driving gold and silver should be focused to handle a kind of reserve when the local currency is highly unstable. What is the long-term investment strategy? We do not think so, and for many reasons.

invest in metals

Reason 1
Although gold and silver can act as contingents in the event of inflation, its performance, generally, does not exceed the inflation rate. Can it support investing in an asset when the inflation rate increases above the profitability? The basic principle of any investment is to exceed the rate of inflation during those years when the money is focused on that investment. In the case of precious metals, rarely it is met.

Reason 2
Investing long term metals can be counterproductive. There is no way of knowing what the futures price, true, as in most investments, but in this case, the risk may be higher. In fact, it can be a good option in the short term investment, always and when handling abundant information on their possible movements.

Known these reasons, let’s go to another point in question, we invest in the items or collectibles. Do you think this article will get a high value in the future? How do you know? The risk is so similar to investing in precious metals. Can be objects of art, books, autographs, furniture, photographs to booze, will they get more value in the future?

There is no science that dictates us that objects gain greater value in the future. For some reason be, is not it? If you want to engage in the collection of peculiar objects, do it, but do not become a vehicle for investment in the future. Much less, fill your shelves or a room of this class of objects, in the dust of the years, in hopes that when it becomes an adult can earn revenue with them. Finally the decision is in your hands.