Financial options for those who do not want to risk money

Do you want to raise capital for the desired goal, but without risking your money? If you’re like most mortals, intending not to risk your money for anything in the world, there are many alternatives on the market to increase your capital to moderate interests.

risk money

It is just a matter of reviewing the different options offered by the financial, banks or other entities. Here we provide some safe options to monetize your money:

Saving Account
Most banks offer a very low cost, so it is not the recommended option if you want to get extra money. It is optimal for those who are going money day to day, no doubt, will allow to better manage your money without having the temptation to cash in pockets.

Term Deposit
The best options are in the savings banks. Offer higher interest than most banks, even if capital is important; provide a greater interest than normally encountered in most of its customers. Yes, the requirement is that you can not make use of your capital before the stipulated time.

Checking Account
This option will allow you to turn checks always and when money available in the account. That is clear, possible checks without money, but many banks penalize it higher commissions per transaction. Today, the majority of financial institutions pay interest to keep current accounts. That means that you get not only profitability, but also the possibility to manage roles rather than cash money.

Certificate of Deposit
It is a kind of loan that you make to the bank for a certain amount of time. They offer the most competitive interest rates in the market, but represent a safe option to return on invested capital and interest incurred.

Similar to the certificate of deposit, only that this time the loan is performed also to municipalities, national governments, non-financial companies, etc… Its operation is simple: these agencies issue bonds for a specified period of time at X interest rate (known as a coupon). Once that time period, we will charge the full pay more than the promised returns.

Bonds offer better interest rates than the certificate of deposit for a simple reason: there is less certainty of the return of the bond. But don’t panic, does not mean that will not see your money. For example, so-called junk bonds are not as bad as analysts want to see. In fact, a bonus is considered garbage when it hosts the possibility of 2% of non-compliance. So if you have a dream to fulfill, perhaps, some of these options will find interesting.

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