5 steps to make your sales more effective

Undoubtedly, selling is an activity most hated by independent professionals. Except as specifically sell your profession, you see it as an accessory to crack hard to incorporate clients to your practice.

sales more effective

There are various sales techniques used firstly to order and help the seller (in this case you) to state clearly what your client considers valuable and to help maintain effective sales conversation. But then there is that percentage of chance that always exists and even when you apply everything to literally start worrying about if you could have done better, or different, if you must call or wait for his call. And dozens of scenarios appear in your mind which, most of the time; you’re not the hero of the situation. Does this sound familiar? So especially in this case you can apply the following: Focus on what you can control.

So here you have something that you can control: 5 Steps that will make your sales more effective

Step 1: Listen, know and learn the needs of your customers

There are still many freelancers who make the big mistake of thinking they know exactly what their customer needs, and then … why listen?

Even if you have prepared a supposed sales solution, it is a fantastic idea to listen to what your client has to say. Not only will help you hit the mark in this particular conversation, but it will help you go further delineating characteristics and needs that your client has and that you might satisfy in the future.

Step 2: Valid if your solution is what you really need

Sometimes a professional can make the mistake of “feeling rejected” because his client did not consider that the solution offered was sufficiently valuable and powerful when in fact it was well before offering customer.

Do not be afraid to tell a potential client who cannot help you or you consider that he is not the best person to help you. Nobody likes to waste time, will thank you.

Step 3: Offer him a clear and concise solution

It is very common when you get to this stage to tell your prospect about your solution you meet great enthusiasm and a little nervous too. So you want to talk (and actually do) for 10, 15, 20 minutes. Normally your client fell asleep after 3 minutes but has not been kind to prove it. Are you familiar? Sure you ever been on the other side, right?

And once you told him what it is that you consider that it is the ideal solution, let him to ask. It encourages his questions and inquiries. Do not harass with more and more information without leaving think, weigh his options.

Step 4: Follow up

Most people are very busy and may not remember to have stayed with you to give you an answer. Other people just start their decision-making process and stay there… thinking day after day, without taking any decision.

Get you a call or e-mail to find out what has been thought or how proved its decision-making process. Neither person you become an insistent and annoying, but not disappear from the map. Part of help you implement your solution is to help you with your decision-making process.

Step 5: Become independent of the result

Some people will say yes, others will tell you no. Reasons? Most will not have to do with you. It’s not the time, not considered a priority, it is not so convinced, it is not willing to make the effort involved, etc. And yes, that would be great for you if your prospect gives you an honest and clear answer, but most times it does not. Let’s face it, most people would have trouble saying no, and more explain why.

So if you’ve been hooked on this part of the process, it is natural to suffer. Because you’re focusing on something you cannot control.

After speaking with a prospect, make an assessment to analyze why things are done well and should continue doing and why things have gone wrong and must change. Then you have nothing more to do so relax because the cards are already drawn. There is no point if you worry because you cannot change anything and not up to you. Better focus on what you can change (better!), practice your speech over and works to get more leads and start the cycle again.