Why do you have problem with money?

Many times we wondered: why we have so many problems with money management? This question certainly goes through the minds of thousands of people. It is normal that with so many economic and financial problems in the society, we wonder what the cause or is causing us to live with so many limitations in this area of our life.

money management

To find the root of our problems with money, it is necessary to touch issues that perhaps at first we might think that not have anything to do with finance; but to analyze them and see them from another perspective, we have a better understanding and understanding that will help a lot. There are three elements that leave us not succeed with money management:

Difficulty to manage the money: Before there was money people exchanged goods and services with each other. To get the money things are simplified, but also came problems to manage it and use it correctly. People became accustomed to spend it immediately, without planning and without manage. No long-term planning, it was trying to eat as soon as possible that at any time the resources were over. The main objective was to survive.

But today we live in a different way; and not only aims to survive, if not meet targets, as travel, study, have children, develop yourself as a person, marriage, etc. However, people are still using money as before, immediately, without planning or managing without long-term focus. To improve finances, helps to know that by nature manage money well, and generate wealth the man struggle to and have to do something about.

Treat the money as food: It sounds a little weird, but if we think about it, is totally true. When we’re hungry, most often the first thing we think of is to satisfy whimsy, we want immediately, churros, fast food, desserts, etc. I doubt that anyone thinks healthy foods, vegetables, cereals, etc.

When we have money, we immediately start to think that spending all very compelling and emotionally. We are in a store and enter the emotion of wanting to buy a 40-inch TV, we do it and suffer weeks to see what we owe; in the same way that we suffer with extra kilos for having eaten that junk food.

If we can identify these irrational, compulsive and emotional behaviors with money, we avoid many unnecessary expenses that seem good at the time but in the long term greatly affect our finances.

Without proper guidance: Since these small, we begin to hear money. If there was not much money in our home and always thought we would have financial problems; it is normal that we behave according to what we have lived through. If our parents said to us that they will always have debts, the surest thing is that they could never live without them.

Conversely, if we were taught to manage money effectively, chances are we do not have economic problems. It is important to identify as educated about money, because sometimes we do not realize that our behavior originates from everything we learned in childhood.

These causes are important and help us to understand why so many economic and financial problems in society. If we did not have a financial guide in our childhood, it is never too late to learn new things and educate on the subject; if we spend compulsively and emotionally, and it is good to try to find ways to stop these behaviors. All these changes will benefit much our finances.