What I expect from my financial advisor

In turbulent, volatile and strong uncertainties in the stock markets as the present times it is when becomes more necessary, professional advice for small and medium investors, since the risk of realizing a few erroneous investing in variable income can entail heavy capital losses for their pockets.

expect from financial advisor

To avoid making major blunders of which then must regret the most novice investors due to improvisation, random or simply hunch investor (negative all of them), it is necessary to adopt different measures of protection and, above all, several operational concepts by any professional advisor who determine their various experience procedures, to participate in markets with sufficient guarantees to achieve the gains desired in a given period or calculated prior to the investment bet way. Everything that is attention and personalized advice will result in future benefits to the investor and will train you properly, until he is able to perform and carry out their own investment strategies.

What to expect from financial advisor
Once the investor taken by the commendable decision to invest in the market through professional financial advice, once compared and selected this should be consider, formulate and receive some of these issues or important answers from qualified advisor:

  1. Be honest with the counselor: You should explain to your counselor the reason for your decision on investments (among others), why ask for assistance, what your technical training, experience in markets and monetary capacity to take financial risks.
  2. Request perform a suitability test: Normally be the advisor himself what is directly offer, however will be very necessary, that this know particularities family as the number of children, ages, studies, job stability or possible economic needs in the future, determine the type of financial product best suited to their profile investors (investment funds, insurance, savings or retirement plans, actions … etc.
  3. Ability to take financial risks: This consists in knowing what would be your logical reaction to a strong fall of the market with their consequent loss in kind (virtual) until the sale of assets. One thing is believing endure so prior daily investor pressure and avoid falling in panic before the first corrections in the market, due to lack of experience, preparation or simple psychological investor training. Each individual is different when investing and some will be able to hold off losses of 10%, 20% or 30% and others on the contrary, the fact go losing only 5%, can get them to … Remove the dream!

Achieving a close, assiduous and sincere trust relationship with our financial advisor will be the suitable method or processes to achieve eventually reach the investor success. The joint work between client and professional keeping things clear and knowing the limits for each investment avoid misinterpretations or possible financial disagreements that seriously deteriorate the counseling relationship.