What do you mean by diversification?

The term diversification in investment has been provided to many erroneous interpretations. Diversification is not only investing in a portfolio of different actions, implies a more complete view of the market and financial landscape. If your broker has not explained, it is best to take your own precautions. If you can not, the same things happen to the thousands of Peruvian investors who bet solely by equities this year.

diversification in investment

The 2013 is a very special year in the field of stock market investments. Just check the international data, we realize that the income variable, both in the United States and in Europe, has had promising results. However, in Latin America and specifically in Peru, equities represented a total disappointment for investors. Why this contradiction?

The explanation lies in the fact of constant liquidity taught in both the United States and Europe, which in turn has caused the shares have become an excellent financial asset. By contrast, Peru to be dependent fluctuating international prices of commodities, has suffered a setback in its stock market, especially if much of major companies belong to the extractive sector. So what strategy should the Peruvian investor for 2014?

While many analysts expect prices will raise our minerals, it is best to exercise caution. Should handle the possibility of investing in fixed income, either deposits, conservative mutual funds, real estate, etc. That does not mean that you must withdraw your investments from equities, for nothing, in fact its can achieve positive results for the upcoming year or 2015. This is a real diversification plan, which involves not only invest in shares of a company or another. Diversify among different instruments, and no longer in stock.

If your agent society of bag not contemplated the possibility of a diversification of this type, you can go looking for another SAB. The important thing is that your money for profitability in the shortest possible time, and not falls in the weariness of a hope never realized. And, who knows, may even be profitable in its horizon to invest in overseas financial assets. So if you want to continue to invest in equities, of course.

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