Tips to not fall on new debt

Falling into a debt can be a stressful event for a person, but it is even more terrible when it has been able to get out of a debt, little time after, acquire new debts.

fall on new debt

This is phenomenons that seem strange but usually happens in many families. Being a compulsive debtor has become an endemic disease in our society, created, has become perhaps by the popularity that they have acquired credit cards.

If you dipped into savings or has mortgaged house to pay a debt, and in spite of this, others have emerged, we suggest you follow the following steps:

Reduce your credit limit
Having multiple cards with significant capital at your disposal is a threat even to the fiercest savers. If you are still reluctant to eliminate your credit cards, there is another safe option to keep your finances afloat. Call your bank and tell them you want to reduce the capital limit allowing you to get your credit card. Though it may seem unreasonable who replied, remain steadfast in their decision.

Replace your credit card with a payment or debit
Keep your monthly expenses with your debit card can be a right idea for your personal finances. Credit reduces the space available only to the amount of money you have. Another option is a payment card. These cards, so little advertised in the market, often represent a good opportunity for those who wish to escape debts. These cards force you to pay your full debt to make ends meet. Forget the easy installments at once.

Do not buy items that will depreciate
Credit to your favor must be oriented to successful investments, such as education, health, apartment or home, or your own business. Never use the credit to buy clothes, food or leave a weekend of fun.

Thinking about the total cost of the acquired
The strategy of the sellers is to never say the total value of the item you intend to buy. In contrast, only limited to say the small fee you have to pay monthly. Take your calculator and remove the total account for price and the interest you will pay for this debt. It may be more of a surprise.

Eliminate the catalogs and junk mail
Observe the amount of promotions in catalogs accompanying the magazine or newspaper can be hazardous to your pocket. Even today we get catalogs by mail or social networks that tempt us to get that credit card that almost never used. Once and for all, take your lighter and burn those catalogs. And, of course, begin to filter your emails.

Reduce what you can spend
If you plan to go shopping, do not take cards or checks. That will save a lot of headaches. Instead, carry a moderate amount of money in your pocket for your purchases. This can be a decisive step that you away from the possibility of acquiring new debt.

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