The leasing, without debt financing

Leasing is a system of lease of goods which is a good financing option. Know what it is, who can use it, what can you finance a leasing operation, do you need to apply for it, what benefits reports as well to stay with the end of the operation.

funding via leasing

Get funding today to acquire the goods needed to consolidate or grow your business, it is the great challenge facing the self, SMEs and entrepreneurs. And for that also you have to keep your bank debt under control. If much debt banking = does not give funding that can not afford it.

What really leasing is?

It’s very simple. You choose what you need for your business. And you give it to the renting company instruction to buy what you need from whomever you want. He buys it and gives it to you for lease or rent. In return, you will pay a monthly fee for it.

Who can use leasing?

Any business that has economic or professional activity discharged in the IAE. That is, companies, SMEs, micro enterprises and freelancers. Also professional associations.

What I finance with leasing?

Almost everything can be financed via leasing. Less civil works and real estate (is being how to do it), everything else we could finance it via leasing. Professional and industrial machinery, computers, technology, furniture, decorative items, lighting, switchboards, water supplies, sports equipment, vehicles etc.

Surely if you stop to think about everything you use in your business is eligible for funding via leasing.

What do I need to apply for leasing?

The first thing you will need is to identify the goods that would be financed through leasing. It’s easy; create invoice or budget that you provide to your supplier.

The second is to justify our ability to pay. That we are capable of facing to the operation. To do this, if we are autonomous we must provide:

  • National identity document
  • High of economic activities
  • Last statement of income (income tax).

And if we are company:

  • Last closed corporation tax
  • We all have to contribute, in addition:

    • Annual summary VAT and the four quarters of the last closed financial year
    • Quarterly VAT for the current year
    • Bank pool (what I have in each entity, detailed)
    • Declaration of assets of the guarantors valued.

    What percentage of investment I financed in leasing?

    100%. Yes, you read that right. Up to 100%. A very advantageous financing, do not you think? You might not want to 100% funding.

    Something highly recommended otherwise. What you do in this case is that the 1st installment is higher. It is greater and it do the planned contribution of own funds.

    And when I pay the operation, how I prefer good? You can set an option. You can be the equivalent of a fee or a percentage of the total investment. It depends on the type of asset. Once paid “that additional fee” is the good of your property.

    What are the benefits to the financing via leasing?
    Using leasing to autonomous finance, SMEs and companies has important advantages:

    • Not in the indebtedness of the company, in the balance. It is a pure and simple leasing. So you keep your debt under control.
    • Not in the bank debt, I mean. They do not know you have it. In this way, you also have under control, and available, the ability to go into debt with financial institutions.
    • It is 100% deductible, accordingly the tax savings. Although attentive to vehicles. Here there would be things that qualify.
    • It is flexible, you can adjust the fees planned purchase option.
    • I don’t have to pay VAT on the coup, because they impact on the monthly lease fees.

    Using leasing as a form of financing business assets for autonomous, SMEs and companies is a very valid option. It does not require anything special to apply and allows a great game when it comes to needs planning and projects.