Learn how to survive a possible financial bubble

Today, we see the increasing in granting credits to the people, coupled with the over-exploitation of real estate in major cities, have been crucial to begin to suspect any financial bubble that come to disrupt the family economy and staff.

possible financial bubble

We have been experiencing particular financial behavior, has been framed by a strong tendency to consumption and spending, mainly reflecting an increase in demand, not forgetting the strong trend of spending on recreation and leisure activities.

While it is true that there is an accurate and precise predictor that will break when a new economic crisis, what is possible is to anticipate and prepare if it were the case:

Check our needs
In this case, make an inventory of the costs to implement plan to start reviewing which of these happen to be priority and secondary. This classification is important to know our expenses because the moment of facing an economic crisis discovered that not all needs to be covered while it is more effective to have clarity in our most pressing needs.

Check our budget
When a financial crisis occurs, it is necessary to make a careful review of the amount of money that we have and make a comparison with the amount of money we intend to spend, it must be a balance. It is essential to consider if it is worth sacrificing the tranquility of the future on a whim in the present.

Buy with intelligence
It is advisable to buy have to be very smart and evaluating options offered by the market is not over. If a strong economic difficulty playing our door, nothing will be useful to accumulate and build up luxury goods.

Avoid into debt
In times of crisis, interest rates lending increased considerably making the payment of these obligations becomes impossible. In case of facing a crisis is recommended emergency fund that allows us to face uncertainty without generating major alterations to our quality of life.

Prepare for the crisis
It is important to adjust our expenses to our revenue and have a background of savings or investment. Seek to live a sustainable level of life that allows us to solve any financial problem without undergoing major changes in our economy.