Learn 4 simple tips to have good credit

Today, many people who turn to credit to fund monthly expenses at least once a year. The positive record in previous financing generates a history attraction for users, so know our profile and ability to pay is crucial when approaching financial institutions if we want to have good credit.

good credit

Before that, we must know that there are 2 profiles of the applicant to request a credit: who has a track record, and who is coming for the first time to a bank or a finance, but in both cases there are tips that can be applied for approval the loan.

When a user goes to a bank or financial to apply for a loan and has several credit the chances of that are given a new financing can decrease.

The bank assesses that although the lines are not used, the client may already have ‘saturated’ their capacity to pay with the credit account with that already. In the same way, a ‘rookie’ applicant may be a bet too risky because there is no record of how it behaves in the payment.

For this reason, credit becomes a crucial player in the finances of the people, but to get it properly granted, it is important to follow some tips:

Create a history
Credits cellular lines, department and pay television credits are recorded in history and when you present a strut payment you generate a positive score for your profile.

Analyze your ability to pay
In emergencies, having a card can only be very expensive if you consider keeping it involves the payment of an annuity. Evaluates credit instruments you have in your name and see the option to keep only those that really help the smooth running of your finances.

How much credit I can ask
Nobody would fall ill convenient to buy a house or a car loan, the question is can I really afford it? Your creditworthiness is equal to your income minus your expenses, it is recommended that no more than commit 30% of your income to debt repayment.

Check your history
History records the credits granted to your name and sends customized reports to let you know what image you present to the grantors, you can check your personal report once a year for free, this helps to detect also if anyone has applied for credit in your name illegally.