Increase your business productivity

All entrepreneurs want to achieve better results and almost without exception they put looking forward to their projects. Usually you have to constantly face challenges and situations presented before reaching the proposed goal. In order to assist in this task, we would then present a set of guidelines that literally increase your production capacity based on a substantial concentration and focus, among other skills used by the most talented entrepreneurs of the world and whose achievements outweigh more than average.

business productivity

First Plan. It is always advisable to plan well in advance and have everything ready to use your time more efficiently. This includes location, workspaces, hours, tasks and materials and necessary accessories to perform the task.

Divide your tasks. A famous entrepreneur struggled to sell their delicious cakes in local shops, but despite their efforts did not succeed in it, until the light bulb caught fire and took the idea of offering them as slices, i.e. the same cake in showcase but available by fractions. The success was overwhelming and the company began to grow as beer foam … the moral of this little story from real life is that to achieve tangible results, we must do things bit by bit, little by little.

To be able to concentrate. It is true that the name sounds a little detergent or dictatorial regime, but the fact is that here the connotation refers to use your skills, talents and abilities in tasks that lead you to the best possible results. This is key to consider when Personal Strategic Planning.

Apply your talents. It is said that everyone is born with at least four latent talents and our mission in life is to discover and develop them, if no one else has done when we are children or are younger. This is known as best we are, where we make fewer mistakes and achieve greater personal productivity. And the best part is that when we do what we like, really have fun and enjoy.

Focus on Opportunities. Focus on your strengths – and those of others, well be partners, subordinates or allied strategic – towards better opportunities. Focus more on opportunities in the morning than in the yesterday’s problems. Concentrate your best talents and energies where the best opportunities that have greater chance of throwing you successful results that offset all your effort and sacrifice.

Deadlines. Always sets deadlines for important goals and hold on to them. It is the most practical way to achieve timely proposed. It’s a neat way to fix a commitment to the task. Although it seems simple, it is more unusual than we think. It is a tendency of human nature to want to leave everything to then default leveraging well-known insurance companies with compliance policies that force to pay heavy fines on those who violate the agreed dates of delivery.

Enough time. While we must do things on time, we also should make them in the time that is necessary so that they are well done. It is advisable to add 30% more time than expected to complete a project to deal with unexpected difficulties, delays or uncertainties.

Orient yourself to the results. It is the ability to reach the proposed goal, to finish what has been planned in advance. It is a skill that is achieved with practice and repetition and is one of the keys to success for top entrepreneurs in the world.