Ideas to congratulate your employees

We must not believe that people are primarily motivated by money to work. These are mostly people with whom they work who carry them to get involved within the firm. The team members pay a lot of time and effort to your projects and now are the time to give them something in return.

congratulate your employees

This way they will know that their work has value and will do their best to prove that you have reason to trust them. This will improve not only their morale but also their loyalty, motivation, optimism and belonging to the team. To give, it is profitable! But how can you congratulate? Here are some ideas that you can easily create at work:

Give a reciprocal program
To give them gifts does not have to cost you money, you can also offer services. Since your employees, however, would like to spend their free time outside of the company, rather participate in a reciprocal program. Your company may offer free tickets to another company and, in exchange, they offer free tickets to yours. You can also do this program with several other companies to have a lot to offer to your employees. They will be very grateful!

Give a sweet treat
Offer a simple treat provides much more fun than it costs money. An employee had to work overtime the night before? Just give him a little treat on his desk the next morning will ensure that you know that it has been worth him. Frozen treats can also boost the morale of the team during a hard hot day.

Consider their ideas
What better way to show them that you appreciate their work than just serve you precisely their good initiatives? Ask them what their ideas and they will be delighted to see that their opinion is important to you, and even more when you have agreed to achieve what they have proposed. There is no better proof to show that you truly love what they do. Do not forget to tell everyone that took this initiative as you accomplish it. You will so be able to push your plan while showing to your employees that they are really part of it.

Create a picture of good blows
It will not cost you more than a whiteboard and pencil, you probably already have. Write down the good things of your employees in order to demonstrate your appreciation to all. It can be something simple like all congratulate the one who finally out the garbage or the one that took the initiative. Feel free to encourage your employees to also note the successes of their colleagues; this will strengthen the team spirit.

Propose new responsibilities
The skills of an employee impress you? Offer to highlight them within the company, giving him a special position. The leader will be happy to become a team leader, the writer will appreciate to take on some writing tasks and the charismatic will proudly represent the company. Thus, not only they will have someone to perform these tasks but you will also understand that their qualities make the difference in the business. The pride is a gift!

Provide beneficial certificates
Reward your employees with home made beneficial certificates. For example, you can offer certificates giving each an hour to leave. Your employees will be able to collect them by making good blows or additional tasks. They can then use them when they want a moment of free time. Alternatively, you can also create certificates for having a coffee from the boss or offer a business service free to their relatives. Be creative!

Invite an employee for dinner
One of your employees has just been appointed team leader and do you want to congratulate him? Invite him to dinner to not only establish how you see the project in detail but also to learn to know it better and tell him part of your recognition. This way, you will facilitate communication and convince him to give everything he has to do this project to meet the boss is so nice to him. In addition, it is as much fun for him to dine together rather than alone.

Organizing special events
Invite your employees to a special evening or participate in an activity in a group they will not only have fun but will also strengthen team spirit. Enjoy events such as Christmas, the end of a big project or the end of a season to plan a dinner with colleagues. The idea that all come together to participate in a group activity that helps a lot the colleagues to get closer. They will appreciate even more their colleagues and therefore to work with them.