How to know if you are doing well in your business or profession?

One of the most common concerns in people are how to know if they are right or wrong in what they do. Whether it is regarding a decision, a career change or a newly-launched business.

doing well in business

Sometimes you worry about that before even making any changes, “And how can I know if I’m going well or not?” In opinion, this question is simply a manifestation of the fear of failure, like being able go wrong will mean that you will end up losing everything and living under a bridge or something.

The probability of that happening, in most cases is very low (say the vast majority of cases because nothing is impossible, not to make you think that then you are that small percentage).

The issue is that when one has fear to cling to any excuse to not take the step, so let’s try to eliminate this for you will be excited to take that first step or move on if you’re already running. What signs tell you if you’re right or wrong?

When your inner voice tells you that’s really not what you want
And Yes, this happens, that you decide to do something and inside you think: ‘but if I don’t do this’, then emerge the justifications that do that, even so, follow along: “But is that what I have to do/is what they are expected to do/what will they say if I leave it/I’ll look like a failed”, etc. And you end up doing something you do not want to do and, besides, you know.

When you do not see any progress
Especially when you start your business, there’s a planting time in which you do a lot and see little, until it’s time to harvest and things change. But you see little does not mean you can not see anything. So first determines that the result you want to achieve and what to consider progress, and then go analyzing each time if no progress. If there are not, it’s time to consider what happens.

When you have no life
Several times people have told that they have so much work or are so poorly organized that they have no life. If you do not have time for yourself or your family, if you’re stressed, if waking up is almost a torture because you know that waits another killing day, something is wrong.

You have to understand that there can be more intense than other times, but that it is you who are the one that has the control.

Without hesitation the best way to determine if you are right or wrong is that before you start (or, if you’re already running before proceeding), determines what you consider your “go well”. So you can clearly make decisions rather than try to explain things when you’re in the chaos. For this reason it is important to periodically review your career and decide by where you want to go and what you want to achieve, to move forward knowing that yes, you’re on track and if you twist it, you know how to correct it.