How to Boost Office Productivity Using Technology and Location

Workplace efficiency. We’re sure you’ve heard it before. No doubt you’ll hear it again not too long after you’ve finished reading this article, There’s a reason it’s such a ubiquitous term, you know! It’s one of the most important terms in the dictionary of any good business person. Here are some ways to increase efficiency in your office.

boost office productivity

Consider outsourcing certain areas of business
A common problem in small businesses is that people often take on too much work. Sure, people in any type of office could argue that they’re taking on too much work! But what I mean here is that one person may actually be taking on several jobs. This is especially true for the people who were at the foundation of such a company. A chief executive officer may also be taking on jobs that should better be left to a chief financial officer, for example.

A big reason for this is cost-cutting. A smaller business might not need a full-time CFO. The CFO holds an executive position, and executives don’t really expect to earn less than six figures a year. Look into outsourcing important positions if you need them but can’t justify a full-time cost. Doing so can save you so much time and help you do your own job much better.

Improve your technological environment
Hi-tech is the name of the game when it comes to modern office efficiency. You need fast Internet and high-class computers. You also need your employees to have the technological know-how to use both to their full potential. So a strong culture of business technology really needs to be created in your working environment. Say you’ve got an Internet connection that grinds to a halt, or computers that lag when trying to fill out spreadsheets. Not only does this slow down the work itself; it makes your employees frustrated, which also affects productivity.

Consider giving the equipment in your office an upgrade. You should also consider setting up your office in affluent areas where business and hi-tech co-exist in spades. Some of the properties in these areas can be quite expensive, but it really is worth the investment. Does your company display a strong work ethic and have the incoming profits to match? You could consider getting a business loan in order to get a commercial property in a smart city. Being located in such a place can help you financially, with the added prestige and ease of technological access. If your bank is aware of this, you could get a loan with no problem.

Know when to use electronic communication internally, and when not
In modern offices, we’re always using email services and instant messengers. I’ve worked in several offices where people will write out long messages to the people who are seated literally right next to them. It can be easy to see why we communicate in such a fashion in our offices. Everyone is usually already juggling a few tasks, so going over to them to talk about something seems disruptive. If you send a written message, they can get to it when they have the time. It also leaves a paper trail; proof that you communicated to them about something important.

But the fact is that writing out messages takes so much longer than just telling someone about something face-to-face. This saves tons of time and encourages more intimate communication between colleagues. Little changes like this can make a big difference to overall productivity. Consider getting everyone a notepad so they can write down quick notes whenever someone comes to talk to them.

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