Four questions you must ask yourself before starting any project

There are innumerable people who embark on the realization of a project without even taking a few moments to make a minimal reflection to that effect. If they did, many times that exercise would avoid a number of disappointments that may appear later along the way.

before starting any project

There are four questions that can help you clarify in a tremendous way whether or not you should attack a certain project. It is a battery of questions that guarantees you to clarify the ideas very well before starting to put effort into this effort. These are the four questions:

1. Is it feasible putting all my potential at stake?

Every important project without any doubt will be a challenge. But there is a big difference between something that we see as a challenge, difficult but achievable, and it is something that we consider absolutely impossible. In the first case, this difficulty is an incentive to give the best of ourselves and achieve it. In the second case, to see it as impossible, it is a sure element to end up being defeated already from the starting point.

It is important that you can give an affirmative answer to this question before you begin. You have to see the project as feasible if you put all your potential at stake.

2. Am I able to carry it out?

In this second question comes into play the objective measurement of our strengths and capabilities. The projects not only have to see it as possible, but you have to see it as possible made by you. In many occasions they are things that do not coincide. We can think that a project is achievable, but if we analyze it with enough sincerity we can realize that we will need some skills or abilities that we lack. It is important to detect it, in order to establish if we will be able to orchestrate all the necessary resources to achieve it.

3. Is it worth doing?

This third question places us squarely on the emotional plane. Every project that we set out to carry out has associated a price in time and effort that we will have to pay. And at this point you have to assess if the project is worth it because in fact what you are doing is changing a bit of your life for it. When this has been considered starting, and the answer is yes, it is much easier to pulverize any kind of excuse that appears on the road. You will know that this project is aligned with your values and priorities, and therefore you will act with full confidence that every ounce of effort you put in will be absolutely worthwhile.

4. Can I want to do it?

And finally we come to the key question that leads to a true decision with commitment. If finally the answer to this question is affirmative, you are ready to face that project with the maximum guarantees of success. Your affirmative answer to this question puts you irremediably in the field of action that is where things start to happen.

As you can see, it is a simple reflection exercise, but what you have done with sincerity will save you countless headaches. A simple moment of reflection answering these four questions will greatly clarify your decisions.