Bad habits of a bad saver

Saving is one of the bases of personal economy, but often achieve it is almost impossible. That is why we have made a list of bad habits that are often the culprits that we cannot save. Take note that surely its will help you in your economy and finally can save.

bad saver

No plan
The lack of planning is a very common mistake in the “bad finance”, if we do not envisage it is likely that at the end of the month we come without money in our pockets. Make a plan of income and expenses, of debit and credit can be a start to plan our economy and start to save.

Have more expenses than income
This habit is probably also related to the planning of the first point; it is almost certain that we all know for sure how much will be our income every month, but we also know exactly how much will our costs, obviously it must not exceed the first. If not at least we balance our expenses with our income.

Do not think about the future
This is another common bad habit in the evil saver, live in the present and not think about the future makes this philosophy not only to avoid save, but we can put in more than a financial problem. Think ahead before spending unnecessarily.

Don’t expect bad scenarios
As the popular saying goes that cautious man is worth two, and in matters of finance it is true. The future is uncertain and may come difficult times and adverse scenarios, as losing our work for example. There is no need to be pessimistic, but we must contemplate all scenarios, even the bad ones, so we will be prepared for the unexpected, from which we can help our savings, of course if we have them.

Not invest
Many people think that to save in keeping money in the bank only and it is not like that. The concept of saving can be applied in many ways and one of them is investment, not necessary we must be stockbrokers to do them, there are goods and services that can yield profits in the future, as if there were a saving.

Save for no reason
Save without reason and without purpose is usually a bad idea that is terminated by end soon and savings fades away. Having goals to save will give you a better sense of the savings, the desire to do so will be added. Regardless of the size of the purpose it is always better to have at least one reason of why to save.