8 Tips to ask for a raise salary

You always want to win a little more in the work, but make a salary increase request generated many doubts in people applying for fear of a outright refusal, how do you do for the realization? Today we leave 8 tips to ask for a raise of salary with success.

salary raise

Get a analysis
Before asking for increase, make an analysis of the work making, performance in the work of the company, achievements and how productivity has evolved over time in which it is.

An important factor is whether the goals fulfilled by his superiors and left the period were delayed to achieve it.

Service Time
An increase must be requested when you already have some time in the company, enough for the employer to see his qualities, the time it is advisable one year or more as an employee of the company, currently many contracts have scheduled pay increases every time, take advantage of it and make it remember your employer.

Finding the right time is vital in this type of applications, so it is not appropriate to ask for a higher salary when the company is going through a financial crisis, if you make the mistake of doing so can be taken as a lack of commitment, not only bringing down your request but also put at risk its continuity.

One of the most important issues in the success of your request are the arguments you put, the main mistake that makes you begin arguing household needs, this argument may be valid and weight for you, but will not be strong enough for your boss, look for reasons and argue that it deserves.

Under no circumstances send emissaries or you offer as emissary, salary increases are a highly individual request because the cases are individual, if you are shy or quiet will face their fears.

No Mail
Complementing the above, shipments of e-mail, telephone are not appropriate methods to ask for a raise, you have to do face to face. Technological means can serve us for many things but this is not the time.

If accepted
If the company has agreed to increase your salary, not make the mistake to tell your colleagues, the request has to be completely secret and personal; you would increase the salary and the other can not, cause a bad working environment in your company.

If they do not support your request despite all he has done look for why, is not only with the rage but search what were the main obstacles and problems and fix them to be able to ask for raise later.