6 steps to having more money this 2014

Would you like to have more money this year? Then don’t put off over your goals and trace steps clear so you can finally fulfill this purpose. To achieve it start budgeting and controls much better the money that enters and goes out of your portfolio.

steps to having more money

These are the 6 steps to increase your money this year

What are your expenses and cut them, prepares a budget and establishes steps and priorities: rent, debt payments or savings, after that you will know if you are spending the ideal or wasting your money on nonsense.

What are your triggers expenses?
Check out the expenses you have the abstracts of your cards and see if you’ve exceeded the limits of your salary depending on your lifestyle. Identify triggers so that you can create a realistic budget that allows you to have more money this year, also used to regulate your bad habits that motivate the lack of savings.

Remove some expenses
There are some services that are not as essential, if you really need to save for the future: visits to the spa, exclusive pay-TV channels, services delivery, among others. Expenses can be cut and grant you a percentage of significant savings.

Save your spare change
If you have trimmed expenses it is time that this excess money is for saving, maybe create an account so you are safe. Over time it will surprise you the level of cash from your account.

Be realistic with your goals for the year, to set goals you can be very demanding and if you miss you will be much more difficult to start. It is advisable to save 10% of the monthly salary.

Leads to slips
This is not going to end and save on everything, consider a percentage for departures and tastes weekend. Not by an unexpected expense you will fail your steps have more money this year, but that with responsibility, not all the time you will make the right financial decisions, but you can always do things better than before.