6 financial mistakes that you are having in your office

Finance is part of your life and you have to know how to handle it in all areas: at home, studies and also at work. But is it possible to make a mistake with the money in the office? Yes and a lot. Here are the 6 most common mistakes when it comes to managing money in the workplace:

go away after office

Buy lunch every day
There are a thousand and one excuses to support this practice – lack of time, not knowing how to cook, the food of the office is very rich, etc., but the truth is that it is only making your portfolio becomes increasingly empty. Start preparing your own food the day before or even cook all weekend and freeze it. You will see the savings.

Go away after office every week
Fun is not bad, but if every week you continue spending your salary in these outputs, it will be very difficult that you manage to save a little. Choose the dates in which you will go out and do not feel forced to say that yes only because you are with coworkers.

Borrow from your coworkers
Well say that loans between acquaintances do nothing but hinder the things, and in the case of the office, the situation is the same. Avoid borrowing or lending money to your co-workers, as things could get a bit ugly. If you did, return the money as soon as possible to avoid discomfort.

Not to take part of the celebrations
Another point to go out every week is to be so committed with the savings that will not participate in any of the internal corporate lunches or celebrations. Do not be afraid to do it, because it will help you strengthen your work connections; that yes, include an amount in your budget to deal with those special occasions.

Buy office things from your money
You needed more paper or new tools and they said to you “buy it and then pass the invoice to me”. It is not very usual but these situations are not appropriate, since then you might meet in a trouble to run out of money and the return could take time to arrive. It is better not to mix things up.

Request for advances frequently
If you need to ask for advances from time to time means you’re not managing your finances well. This is not recommended not only because it does not help you to live with what you have, but also creates a bad image for your bosses. Organize your budget and keep faithful to it.

Do not forget, the ideal is not to spend every week or do not spend a penny, but find a balance.