3 keys to start a business without resigning from job

Like be throwing of the bungie for the first time, resigning from work to devote himself 100% to create own company it can seem quite frightening. There are many aspects to consider when deciding to start a business. Start it and get to the point where providing sufficient income to support themselves will be a lengthy process, so it is wise not to burn all your bridges and keep the network to protect the ups and downs that this path leads.

start a business

Start a successful startup does not necessarily mean leaving job. Here are some tips for starting a business without leaving the job:

Use the workplace as an inspiration
Running a business is complicated, but if you know all aspects behind it is easier. Keep your job is an excellent opportunity to prepare for what’s coming, then be exposed to learn about leadership, marketing, finance, among other areas.

Your work routine can give you an overview of what to do and what not to do in your business. Identify all the problems that your current company faces every day, whether with customers, suppliers, staff, etc., and consider possible ways to solve it.

Build valuable relationships
Relationships that build today will survive beyond your stay in that company. Use that time to form a strong and significant network of contacts that allows you to open many doors in the future, either when setting up your team, search for new sales prospects or require advice on any field that is not of your expertise. Having a group of talented people can make a difference in your new venture, so use this time to connect with them.

Use technology to your favor
Now a day’s technological advances facilitate the administration of a micro company from anywhere in the world. Now it is no longer subject to a single place and you can have a balanced lifestyle, and greater freedom to work and undertake at the same time with some of these tools:

  • Communication and team management: Google Apps, Asana or Basecamp.
  • Online payments: PayPal or TransferWise.
  • Online storage: Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer.
  • Online sites: WordPress, LeadPages, Squarespace.
  • Productivity and time management: Evernote, Toggl, DayOne.

Among many others, so there is no excuse.

Remember that most startups begin to generate profits, at least within the first three years. Do not take the risk out of money and start the test phase of your business while keeping your current job, this is the place to meet your market substantially, work on developing the product or service and start generating positioning stage.

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